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Data Integration with
Intellicus Flow

Connect with everything

Rapidly evolving consumer demands are keeping BPMs on their toes, which in turn, impacts their SLAs. Spreadsheets or manually collating and analyzing data are fast becoming passé. The limitations of tedious, slow and inaccurate legacy systems have a direct impact on every stage of workforce management, and eventually, on the bottom line of the organization. To keep pace with the changing workforce environment, BPMs need to look beyond the existing capabilities of traditional WFM solutions. Yet, a common challenge in adopting more advanced solutions is integrating it with other existing subsystems beyond the WFM environment.

The need of the hour is a single, omnichannel WFM solution that accommodates all requirement of WFM planning for each type of your business, without the need to rip and replace existing systems.

BPMs need a single source of truth

Intellicus Flow is a modern, scalable, new age workforce management solution designed to give BPMs the edge they need today and to fuel their growth tomorrow.

Flow’s upload utility utilizes templates that can be customized for any data sources being consumed and any data structure.

It helps create a single, go-to data source that helps WFM teams and business users expedite data discovery and transformation, delivering more value to data-driven decisions across the enterprise planning.

Intellicus Flow is designed to give BPMs full view of their data

Flow allows BPMs to seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of Workforce Management with just one full-stack solution. It is a cutting-edge solution that takes care of end-to-end data ingestion, data processing and data storage. Flow brings drag and drop modern ETL, multi-source connectivity and advanced transformations for WFM teams. It prepares BPOs to build smart data pipelines to create lean and scalable data architectures for digital transformation initiatives.

Structured, Semi-Structured or Unstructured - Flow Supports All Data

Flow has the capability to integrate multiple sources, or when that is not possible, supports both pushing and pulling data as part of ETL. It includes a custom-built middleware, which is an upload utility for integrating and consuming the right data from the ACD, HRMS, flat files, emails, chats and other data sources. WFM teams can choose to ‘push’ files manually at fixed frequencies or Flow can schedule a ‘pull’ from end destinations.

Flow’s upload utility utilizes templates that can be customized for any data sources being consumed and any data structure.

Combine Data from All Your Sources

Flow helps BPMs collect, collate and combine data from disparate data sources in simple steps. Legacy data stores, ACDs, ERPs, CRMs, RDBMS, flat files, big data lakes and warehouses, cloud data warehouses, streaming data sources, flat files or more – Flow comes equipped with 75+ data connectors. For everything else, Intellicus custom-builds data integrators.

With the advanced load step, Flows allows real-time, continuous and automated ingestion of data into popular data warehouses or data stores, whether on-premises or on the Cloud.

Flow centralizes data in a single repository and creates a single version of truth for the enterprise.

Build Scalable Data Pipelines

Flow allows users to move, cleanse and transform data with a graphic interface and simple drag and drop actions. Flow makes it easy to define lean and scalable data architectures, visualizing data flows and preview results as you go. Users can apply functions like join and union, sort, filter or advanced steps like formula fields, dynamic calculations, data science algorithms and GIS lookup to efficiently transform data in a short time, making it simple to define advanced relations between data sources or to capture only desired data points.

Automate Data Workflow

In addition, Flow automates the entire process flow, right from data extraction to transformation and loading it to respective target data stores. It creates powerful ETL flows and schedules them to run at desired time intervals. This is complemented with notifications of schedule completion, the flexibility to define thresholds and get alert notifications if an anomaly occurs.

Flow provides BPMS all possible ways to consume data and to automate this consumption. The implicit ETL platform of Flow inherently handles the data quality issues for accurate analytics, allowing synchronized schedule jobs or an ad-hoc platform to source the data on demand. Data security is another important aspect of analytics and Intellicus provides extensive and granular data security.  The OLAP module stacked on the top of it for high availability of data and to support ad hoc analysis.

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