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Mumbai | Feb 15
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India Banking Summit & Awards 2023
Intellicus wins
“BI in Banking” Innovation of the Year
Intellicus has won this prestigious award for innovations that help banks get a comprehensive view of their entire enterprise - from a single screen. Intellicus empowers banks to draw instant insights from all their data, across every BU and banking application.
Strategic Insights

Single source of truth and self-serve analytics for a 360-degree view of your bank. End-to-end, off-the-shelf, application-agnostic BI tool that works across all systems across an entire IT landscape.

Operational Reports

Try application-agnostic, real-time analytics vs next-day reporting. Off-the-shelf dashboards that leverage all your data - monitoring P&L, NPA, risk, collections, channel reconciliation and much more.

Audit Reports

Check the health of your bank, now with significantly reduced effort. Get the full suite of internal & external audit reporting. Get 100% accurate answers for every question instantly.

Regulatory Requirements

Pixel-perfect regulatory reports for banks, NBFCs and cooperatives, now at the click of a button. Capital planning & comprehensive risk management has never been so easy.

What do you get?
360° dashboards that fuel your growth with insights from all your data across every BU and application

Integrate and consolidate data from every BU, banking application and branch to eliminate data silos. Intellicus BI automates the process, eliminating manual effort, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Connect all your Data

Leverage historical data for interactive, multidimensional risk assessment. Assess risks across core banking, loans, credit cards and more. Dynamic risk models for resilience against credit, fraud and liquidity risks.

Get Robust Risk Management

Maximize customer lifetime value and reduce churn by understanding your customer's needs. Get the advantage of AI-powered models to offer personalized products and services across CASA, loans, credit cards, deposits and other products.

Elevate Customer Delight

Improve profit margins and operations with automated workflows, visualizations and predictive analytics. Foster digitalization across your organizations with paper-less workflows that eliminate manual effort and expensive errors.

Scale with Optimized Costs

Perform forecasting & scenario analysis with dynamic modeling, what-if analysis, and scenario simulations for informed decision-making. Combine the power of historical data, behavioral analytics, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics.

Get Ahead with Forecasting & Predictions

Grow beyond traditional risk with modern analytics that leverage technology. Enhance standard data with consumer behavior and omnichannel data to update risk models. Gain richer insights with the power of AI and ML.

Credit Modeling
    Modernize Banking with Next-Gen Analytics
    Debt Collection with Predictive Analysis
    Debt collections is one of the most complex portfolios in the BFSI and BPO industries. It needs multiple KPI iterations to recover lost revenue and each iteration impacts recovery margin. Intellicus’ debt collection analytics enable financial institutions to optimize debt collection processes strategically.nalyse, listen and rate even a single call right from Intellicus dashboards.
    Case Study
    Leading Global Financial Authority Improves Operations with Intellicus
    The transactions of the client are recorded in the range of 20 million per day. With this amount of data rushing-in, the advisors and regulators at the client needed trends as well as deep insights of the transactional patterns and any technical eccentricities.
    Case Study
    Automating Business Intelligence for Fast Growing Credit Lending Platform
    This company offers a proprietary platform that matches small businesses to the best sources of capital. They have clients across the United States. Their network consists of 1.6 million users, credit rating agencies, and small business service providers that includes CPAs and lawyers.
    Pixel Perfect Reporting and Tips for Designing Accurate Reports
    Intellicus and Modus announce Technology Partnership to Deliver Next-Gen Analytics to Banks
    The Game-Changing Role of AI in Banking
    How AI is Disrupting and Reshaping the Future of Banking
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