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Omni Channel Actionable Insights in Real Time

Derive actionable insights from your retail data coming from all online and offline sources. Have a 360 view of the entire brand and its operations. Intellicus seamlessly integrates with your POS, RFID, Inventory, or any other application to deliver unified analytics. Provide true omnichannel shopping experience to your customers by understanding customer behaviour across retail, e-commerce, and social channels. Deliver real-time personalized experiences, streamline the supply chain, improve POS operations, enhance employee efficiency, provide dynamic pricing, reduce margin loss, and do much more with Intellicus advanced analytics. Forecast demand and sales, enhance customer segmentation and profiling, identify market gaps, and discover new opportunities.

In-store Analytics

In-store Analytics

Enhance Store Operations

Make your stores more profitable and enhance in-store customer engagement with advanced analytics. Empower store managers with visual analytics to optimize day to day operations, track sales, manage inventory, and recognize consumer and market trends. They can know the customer per sales associate ratio, sales data, and more to optimize employee efficiency.

Merchandising and Location Analytics

Enhance in-store merchandising and optimize the shelf space and product placement by heat mapping and analysing SKU sales and inventory data. Optimize pricing and minimize losses by analysing competitors, demand, and other metrics. Utilize location analytics to visualize all locations and their data in a single dashboard. Understand location-specific consumer behaviour, sales data, and more to make location-specific data-driven decisions. Use analytics to identify product demand and availability across locations.

In-store Promotions and Personalization

Improve customer loyalty and engagement and optimize revenue by providing a personalized experience. Enhance marketing campaigns and deliver targeted messages and promotions. Predict product and size based demand and provide consumer-centric assortment mix and place size-specific product orders. Implement automation to make the store, not just an optimized sales point but also an e-commerce fulfillment hub.

Amrutanjan onboards Intellicus for Retail Analytics

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Unified Consumer Intelligence

Get a complete picture of customer behaviour and business with advanced analytics. Blend customer data from all channels to understand omnichannel consumer buying patterns and preferences. Find out customer engagement, reduce cart abandonment, and improve sales by analysing online and other consumer touchpoint data. Generate intelligence from a single source of truth by combining data coming from all channels like retail, e-commerce, application, and from multiple online and offline sources like IoT, location, and merchandise.

Consumer Journey Analysis

Analyze transaction data and conduct basket analysis to know which products are bought together by which customer segment. Track consumer journeys across all channels and do the right customer segmentation. With advanced analytics, recognize sales drivers and generate insights to convey the right message on the right channel at the right time. Personalize real-time shopping experiences, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and provide intelligent product recommendations and assortments to enable excellent customer experience.

Supply Chain and Inventory Analytics

Get 360 Supply Chain View

Have end-to-end visibility of your supply chain right from raw materials to sales. Provide true omnichannel experience to customers by collecting and analyzing supply chain, customer, sales, and external data. Identify the real-time location of the raw material and products and recognize supply chain patterns and trends. Enhance inventory, minimize stockouts, reduce sales loss and inventory costs, and improve store performance with inventory analytics.

Prediction-driven Supply Chain

Make the right products available at the right store in the right amount by forecasting supply and demand. Utilize machine learning to analyze trends, seasonality, and consumer behavior to optimize promotions and pricing. Use what-if analysis to find correlations between various supply chain, marketing, and sales factors. Make data-driven futuristic strategies to introduce new products, locations, and channels.


Empowering one of the fastest growing Indian FMCG company to transform digitally with fully automated, paperless reporting.

One of the fastest growing Indian FMCG company was looking for a business intelligence and analytics platform that could automate reporting on primary, secondary and tertiary sales

Data Driven Retailing

Retailing has seen a revolution in the last couple of decades and has the potential to innovate further with technology and strategy.

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Enable analytics driven digital transformation for your retail business with Intellicus.

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