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Intellicus presented its big data roadmap in the second Hadoop user group meet

Intellicus > Intellicus presented its big data roadmap in the second Hadoop user group meet

Intellicus presented its big data roadmap in the second Hadoop user group meet

Intellicus Technologies presented its big data capabilities and road map at the second Hadoop User Group Meet up, organized by Absolute Zero Forum on July 31, 2010 . The technology un-conference was an effort to develop an active Hadoop community that can network and share information. The event brought together leaders from the Hadoop developer and user communities. It saw very interesting sessions on Hadoop and provided a platform for freewheeling discussion between everybody interested in Hadoop.

Sajal Rastogi, from Intellicus exhibited current capabilities of Integrating Intellicus with Hadoop via Hive to fetch data into its reports and dashboards. He also discussed the technical aspects of tighter integration, and revealed how Intellicus will provide Business Intelligence over unstructured data on Hadoop. Intellicus allows one to keep the data in Hadoop itself, and fully leverage map reduce capabilities to process the data for BI purposes, not requiring anyone to extract a subset to a relational ware house. The presentation was followed by a live demonstration of Intellicus ad hoc reporting and dash boarding over big data.

Speaking on this occasion Rajesh Murthy, Head of Engineering, Intellicus said “Telecom and Web intelligence companies, both marketing and lawful interception, are approaching us to evaluate the options of storing their ever growing huge data on Hadoop, and still be able to do the end user ad hoc analysis with same ease as on relational counterpart. Our live demonstration of network charts on Telecom CDR data from Hadoop, using a drag drop based ad hoc reporting, reiterates our commitment to provide seamless, end user friendly BI functionality over Hadoop.”

About Intellicus: Intellicus is one of the world’s leading Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are using Intellicus to build powerful reports and dashboards with ease. Our interactive web and mobile platforms give users the power to access, view, and interact with corporate data anywhere. With over 50,000 installations worldwide, we are assisting organizations across verticals to make better informed decisions.

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