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Holistic Analysis of Entire Manufacturing Data

Real-time production monitoring, predictive maintenance, and demand forecasts.

Optimize processes, reduce costs, and enhance revenue.

Monitor production in real-time, streamline supply chain & forecast demand.

Intellicus manufacturing analytics enables manufacturers to collate data coming from their production units, PLCs, SCADA systems, supply chain processes, ERPs, CRMs and derive a holistic viewpoint. Manufacturing operations generate and capture data from all their processes, and this data can help generate game-changing insights and enable data-driven strategic decisions

Industry 4.0 and Intellicus

Perform Unified Analytics

Combine data from various sources, be it from IoT devices, legacy systems, production units, various plants, and units, and create intuitive dashboards to get clear visibility of your entire operations. Drill-down to get to the granularity of any causative factors that may help you to enhance operational efficiency. With smart UI, easily adapt this data-driven decision making across the entire organization.

Monitor Production in Real-time

Monitor production cycles in real-time and apply machine learning based analytics to derive intelligence on the production unit’s efficiency, maintenance needs, production quality, and generate alerts whenever an anomaly occurs. With this insights-driven approach, enable lean manufacturing, reduce production downtime and streamline production cycles.

Monitor OEE

Identify and optimize the productivity of the manufacturing plant with advanced analytics. Gather and analyze the structured and unstructured data coming from all sources like operators, machines, sensors, and IoT devices to track OEE. Find out and enhance the efficiency of each machine, factory, and the overall production setup. Measure various critical KPIs like downtime, slowdown, and more. Correlate availability, performance, and quality to efficiency to optimize maintenance. With real-time equipment and process monitoring, floor managers can know the component causing frequent failures and proactively solve the issue to avoid production losses. Analyze PPM, SPC, performance rate, target deviance, downtime reasons, and incidents, lost production, and more.

Improve Output Quality

Maintain product quality, reduce losses, and improve customer satisfaction with real-time quality analysis and monitoring. Automate scrap data collection and analyze the data coming from gauges and testing equipment. Monitor important KPIs like production yields, scrap percentages per order, machine runtime, and work order volume. With this, the manufacturers can understand the root causes of quality issues, bottlenecks, and create benchmarks for future reference. Measure first pass yield, rework and reject cost, number of customer returns, and more. Track production and quality with live monitoring, get notified regarding process deviations via threshold-based alerts and take quick action.

 Forecast Demand

Forecast demand using your historic purchase and other forward looking data with machine learning. Run what-if analysis to know and understand various scenarios to avoid unpurchased inventory, minimize risk, improve sales strategies, manage production cycle, and increase opportunities to grow. Generate precise potential outcomes and make futuristic strategies.

Supply Chain Management

Get a 360 view of your supply chain and drill down to reach deeper insights. Connect to internal and external data sources like SCM, ERP, MES, logistics, sales to identify current supply chain issues, and red flags. Stay on top of consumer trends and demand and efficiently manage cost, quality, orders, and inventory. Analyze suppliers and compare their performance to get the best price, quality, and delivery. Efficiently manage supply chain by aligning demand and supply with predictive insights.

Warehouse Management

Optimize your warehouses and streamline the inventory with advanced analytics and interactive dashboards. Enhance inventory arrangement to reduce product collection and movement time. Improve product flow management and warehouse labor performance. Identify and reduce excessive workers and costs with BI application. Measure inventory in hand, turnover, aging, movement, and more. Make better inventory allocation on shelves to enhance the replenishment process and minimize its amount.


Analytics Driven Transformation in Manufacturing

Intellicus manufacturing analytics enables you to transform huge volumes of manufacturing data from multiple sources into actionable insights. Optimize each process right from sourcing raw materials to the sales of the products. Digitize, automate, and innovate in this Industry 4.0 revolution with machine learning driven advanced analytics. Create a holistic viewpoint by collating data coming from your production units, PLCs, SCADA systems, supply chain processes, ERPs, and CRMs and generate insight and monitor key metrics in real-time with real-time analytics. Improve productivity, centralize monitoring, reduce costs, minimize risks, improve customer service, and promote cooperation among supply chain, production, and sales.

Streamline manufacturing processes with Intellicus BI solution.

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