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Game Changing Embedded BI

Transform the way your customers use your software application with Intellicus business analytics. Give them an edge of AI and machine learning driven insights and ETL right inside your application. Generate new revenue opportunities by expanding your app offerings to embedded real-time reporting and interactive dashboards.

Access to proven, best-in-class Business Intelligence

Accelerate time-to-market

Take advantage of quick user adaption & scaling

Add the power of comprehensive business intelligence to your application and enable your users to visually analyze your application data with self-serve embedded analytics.

Single Sign-on

Navigate seamlessly between your application and the reporting screens without having to switch multiple windows.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your app via screen embedding as well as data integration with an extensive range of data and controller APIs.

White Label

Brand Intellicus BI with your name, logo and aesthetics. Release your branded BI system to your customers powered by Intellicus.

Embedded Mobile App

Create a new mobile application or release a customized version on the App store in a matter of few hours using embeddable Intellicus mobile SDK.

Personalized Localizations

Deliver reports in local languages to users in different geographies from the same multi-tenant instance. Intellicus supports 30 international languages.

Training and Support

Get fully trained by our team to manage first level queries from your customers. Our support team will be accessible to you 24X7.

Powerful Embedded Analytics

Built-in ETL

Data Science & Machine Learning


Self-Service Reporting

Mobile BI

Experience next-gen embedded analytics
with Intellicus. Take a demo today!

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