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Intellicus 22.1 New Features

Intellicus > Intellicus 22.1 New Features

Enriched experience, new visualizations and Twitter data sentiment analytics make it easier than ever to gain actionable insights that inform strategic business decisions.

Richer Experience

Enjoy a redesigned interface, tailor-made for your convenience. From reengineering dashboards to rethinking menus, the focus has been on making your everyday tasks easier. Through a configurable home page, expanded Preferences or customizable logs, you can now tailor your experience to suit what you need.

Sentiment Analysis

With Twitter data sentiment analytics, understand to social sentiment of your customer. Schedule an analysis of one or more hashtags and view the analytics on the dashboard. Get insights into sentiments, along with granular data about the most influential authors and the best performing tweets.

Enhanced Visualizations

Studio reports now have two new members. Explore new connections in your data with dependency wheels. Compare similarities within a dataset or between different groups of data with these chord diagrams. Also debuting are heat maps—view your GIS or geographical data with this intuitive visualization tool.

That’s Not All

Mail and App Alerts

Never miss an alert again. With support for configurable notifications through email and notifications on the Intellicus app, get important notifications wherever you are.

Responsive Reports

Your favorite Smart View and High-Speed View reports change dynamically with window size, hiding or revealing elements so that your data always has the centerstage.

Extended Exports

Now export any OLAP and Smart View report and all its drill-down reports into a single PDF file. The release also extends this feature for PPTX exports of Studio reports.

Stronger Security

Make sure only the right eyes view your data. This release brings tighter security with session timeouts on mobile devices and mandatory password changes at first login.

Wait, There’s More

Revamped License Manager

Redesigned license manager with visualization of concurrency and capacity

Renewed Reports Server

An improved one-page report server page, now with categories, search and validations.

Improved Jobs Dashboard

Refreshed jobs execution interface with drill-down bar charts

Optimized Contextual Menus

Right-click menus optimized for easier navigation

OLAP Reports on Home screen

Set your favorite High-Speed View report as your homepage.

Customizable OLAP Report Fonts

Customizable fonts in High-Speed Views.

Full screen OLAP Reports

View High-Speed View Reports in expanded full screen view.

Breadcrumbs in OLAP reports

Drill-down High-Speed Report now display a breadcrumb for easier navigation through the hierarchy.

Adjustable Scale in OLAP Reports

Adjust Y-axis limits to tailor scale in High-Speed Views.

Customizable Palette for Studio Reports

Customized color palette extended to Studio Reports.

Redesigned Alert and Notification UI

Alerts & Notifications page redesigned for ease of use.

Revamped Subscription Functionality

Administrators can now setup alert subscriptions for themselves and other users.

Redesigned Access Rights

Access Rights page simplified for convenience.

Customizable Logs

Support for logging request IDs added.

Defaults Connections for Load Step

Default connection provided when creating Load step on query object.

You can find the full list of features and improvements here.

Upgrade Today!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I have to pay an additional fee for upgrading to Intellicus 22.1?

No! Intellicus 22.1 upgrade is free of cost if you have a valid support AMC.

Can you help in upgrading the application?

Always! Our technical support team will provide all the assistance required for upgrading the application. Reach out to them through iSupport anytime of the day.

Is there any documentation for upgrading to v22.1 that I could read?

Yes. You can refer to the detailed instructions for installing Intellicus 22.1.

Will there be any impact on existing functionality if I upgrade?

No. Intellicus 22.1 is backward compatible, so there will be no impact on the existing functionality of application.

Which platforms, databases and operating systems does Intellicus v22.1 support?

Intellicus 22.1 supports all major oprating systems, databases, web servers and browsers. Visit the supported platforms page for a full list.

After I upgrade, will all the application artifacts still be available?

Yes. All the existing designed artifacts, such as reports or parameter query object, will be available after upgrade.

When was Intellicus 22.1 released?

Intellicus 22.1 was released in May 2022.

How stable is Intellicus 22.1?

The latest version of Intellicus is released after detailed and intense testing. Some of our partners have already started using the product and it has proven to be a very stable upgrade for them.

Do I need to have last version to upgrade to 22.1 or I can upgrade directly from any version to 22.1?

You can upgrade from any older version of Intellicus to Intellicus 22.1.

Do I need to add or change the existing hardware to accommodate 22.1?

No. If your existing hardware support a previous version of Intellicus, you do not need any hardware change to upgrade to 22.1.

If I upgrade to 22.1, will it change for the entire enterprise or only on my computer?

No. Intellicus 22.1 is a web-based platform. Upgrading it once will roll out the latest version throughout your organization.

Have more questions?

For more information, visit iSupport or reach out to us.

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