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Self-Service Cloud Analytics

Instantiate through AWS/Azure

We have partnered with AWS and Azure platforms to offer a hassle-free analytics experience that can easily fit into your cloud strategy. Intellicus BI on cloud is a fully configured and ready-to-use analytics platform that you can use to instantly build reports and dashboards. It gives you the flexibility to build reports as and when you need on a pay as you go model.

Host on a private cloud

Intellicus BI can be hosted on any private cloud of your choice. Deployment is faster and you can scale it up and down in storage and compute resources as needed. Whether you’re keeping your data on premise or on other cloud applications, Intellicus gives you the flexibility to connect it in a few clicks and build reports and dashboards instantly.

Subscribe & use as a managed service with IntellicusCloudBI

Ready to use, cloud based business intelligence suite for independent software vendors. IntellicusCloudBI empowers your customers with exponential value of their business data collected in your software by adding analytics and delivering it to them with ease. Get the leap of being on cloud and deliver analytics on mobile for your software product within few hours.

Build an Intelligent Enterprise

Quick Start

Get started quickly with a fully configured enterprise environment deployed within minutes. Avoid downtime deployments with few clicks and self-service controls, avoiding download, installation, and environment configuration by IT.

Ready-to-use Dashboards

Get quick insights as soon as you open the App with pre-made dashboards comprising all the important analytics and insights, you and your employees need to make daily decisions, improve strategy, and increase revenue.

Multi Tenancy

Improve your customer’s user experience significantly by enabling them to access multiple cloud environments/ source provider data on a single application. Make the experience hassle free with separate dashboard starters and complete data security.

API Integration

Automate various processes, personalize user interfaces, and experience unprecedented flexibility with APIs. Integrate with any application, improve productivity, create efficient workflows, and accelerate innovation using Intellicus Cloud API.

Data Connection & Consolidation

Connect to multiple diverse data sources, consolidate data in one place, and have a single source of truth for your organization using Intellicus. Blend data from on-premise, cloud, and SQL databases, real-time and web-based data from Facebook, Google, Linked In, and more.

Reduced Cost

Save initial upfront investment by avoiding hardware purchase and integration. Maintain business’ continuous operation by not having to manage facilities, upgrades, and utilities. Save cost by not having to employ professionals for periodic maintenance. Pay only for the services, for the duration utilized and subscribers needed.


Ensure data security with industry-standard multi-layered encryption. Enhance data governance with Intellicus’ row-level security detail. Control data access based on roles and responsibilities. Identify and resolve security threats within minutes.

Plug and Play with Your Data

Intellicus on cloud brings together all of its enterprise analytics, mobile, and security features into one comprehensive cloud solution. It comes with AWS assurance of best-in-class performance scalability and security. Get the analytics and insights that you need, without worrying about hardware or IT. You can use it for yourself or embed it into your other SaaS products.

Collaboration and Innovation

Enhance your productivity by viewing and sharing information with each other. Share your ideas and insights with colleagues and demonstrate valuable insights to your clients. Use the latest and consistent data without worrying about the updates tracking and data silos. Collaborate in real-time with your people sitting across the world, encouraging cooperation and improving overall efficiency.


Enjoy improved business efficiency and flexibility with cloud scaling up and down automatically or on-demand. reduce the cost significantly by skipping high-value purchases of new hardware and simply increasing the number of subscribers instead. Effectively handle the sudden increase in demand as well as save costs by downsizing during idle/usual times.

Experience Intellicus with your team today.

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